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How I do Earth Day every day

Apr 22, 2021

April 22 is Earth Day.

Our household takes a range of steps as part of our daily living to care for and respect Mother Earth and reduce our impact on the delicate ecosystems we are systematically destroying.

Here is some of them:
♻️ We bought a hybrid car (even though in Australia they’re still extra expensive)
♻️ We buy green power through PowerShop
♻️ We buy pre-loved products where possible through Who Gives A Crap
♻️ Our washing liquid is from The Dirt Co.
♻️ Our toothbrushes are from Tinkle Co and our toothpaste is by Archie
♻️ We sort our green waste 3 ways (!), for our chooks, to feed the worms and the rest goes to compost (which we then use on the veggie garden).
♻️ We recycle all our soft plastics and drop them off to Woolies (Australia REALLY needs to sort out onshore recycling facilities)
♻️ Our washing machine water runs straight out to feed the lawn and garden.
♻️ We grow basic veggies, plus lemons, oranges, rosemary, bananas and guava which we swap with neighbours.
♻️ We have solar hot water (next up is a Tesla Battery).
♻️ During lockdown, we completed Milkwood Permaculture’s 12-week permaculture living course to understand more deeply some of the principles of eco-living. I did a permaculture design course with them back in 2008, they’re wonderful!
♻️ The original KeepCups, reusable water bottles, cutlery and green bags go everywhere with us.
♻️ We buy pre-loved products where possible, hello Gumtree and FB marketplace.

How do you take steps to reduce impact and waste in your home?

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