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Q&A Panel – Vivid Festival special ABC TV

I appear alongside rapper, Briggs and Atlassian boss, Mike Cannon-Brookes to discuss AFP raids on journalists, changing the date of Australia day and the way that screens are shaping our habits and identity.

Apps for overcoming procrastination The Today Show

Yes, there’s an app for that! Oh the irony, of being able to use tools like Evernote and SuperBetter to harness your focus and tick things off the never-ending to-do list.

Social Disconnect Q&A

We post, we tweet, we like, and we share – but what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media? The panel explores how we might retain the positive aspects of connectivity and people power that social media offers.


The quest for digital superfoods TEDx talk

Here I introduce my concept of Digital Nutrition and why I believe that digital detoxing won’t lead to long term behaviour change.


Big Kids: The War On Screens

Mammia: This glorious mess

“My friends keep telling me how addictive gaming is for teens and that I should get them off the games now! …. Should I? And if I should, how the hell would I?” During the week, we received this listener dilemma and so for today’s episode, we took it to an expert, Jocelyn Brewer, Mother, teacher, writer and psychologist with a specialisation in cyberpsychology.

FOSI good digital parenting blog

The trouble with Screen Time: build your family’s Digital Nutrition instead

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Daily Life

Today I started an IVF savings account

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Digital Detoxing is the tech equivalent of a Juice cleanse (and neither work)

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Essential Baby

Why I took an ‘egg timer’ test

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Could we please stop the panic over social media ‘addiction’?

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One Zero, Medium

The how-to guide for Indistractability

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How to Engage Tech-Obsessed Adolescents

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Fears for Students Left To Their Own Devices

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Vogue Australia

The Case For Prioritising Rest Instead of the Grind

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ABC News

Kids’ coronavirus art reveals how they’re processing the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How Did Airbrushed Perfection Become the New Normal?

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Being offline is a massive luxury; the case for the half-arsed digital detox

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