Digital Nutrition™
Be well connected! Optimise your digital wellbeing.

Digital Nutrition™ is a guilt-free philosophy that guides you towards healthful technology habits and improving your digital literacy and wellbeing.

Rather than digital detoxing and unplugging, Digital Nutrition™ is about intentional and intelligent use of devices and the conscious consumption of news, media and information.

I offer presentations, consultations and interventions to that span a range of cyberpsychology and digital wellbeing issues.

Meet the founder of
Digital Nutrition™
Jocelyn Brewer

Meet the founder of
Digital Nutrition™
Jocelyn Brewer

Meet the founder of
Digital Nutrition™
Jocelyn Brewer

The Digital Nutrition™ Philosophy

Your guide to being well connected

You are what you scroll through.

The analogy of technology as a drug is unhelpful.

How much screen time is healthy is the wrong question to worry about.

You don’t need a digital detox, but you should probably use your phone less.

Employ soft skills over software.

Balance is BS, unplugging is a privilege.

Connect with the stuff that *really* matters and deal with your emotions

Caveat emptor – let the technology consumer beware.

Digital Nutrition™

Book me to share my insights, ignite new conversations and activate new habits.

No two presentations are the same, I tailor every session to the needs of the organisation and audience, and am continuously updating my slide deck to include the latest trends, research and issues in cyberpsychology and digital practices.

I have an adaptable, flexible style that can accommodate speaking to 3000 people in a corporate conference keynote or to a small group seminar for teenagers. I am a Trusted eSafety Provider with the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and a NESA accredited provider of Teacher PD.

Digital Nutrition™

I support organisations to build their digital skills and capacity to work in effective, productive ways by guiding the overhaul of traditional systems. Get a deeper understanding of digital trends and culture and overcome fear of change and tech itself.

Developing Digital Leadership

Develop the skills to tackle a range of technology issues (not the ICT help desk kind) in your organisation and manage digital risks. Jocelyn can facilitate the development of policy around digital communication, etiquette and relationships.

Increase Digital Wellbeing and Literacy

Transform the wellbeing culture of your organisation with a range of strategies to develop heathy digital habits, tap into authentic productivity hacks and prioritise balanced, meaningful choices, both online and off.

Digital Nutrition™

I offer a range of tailored interventions to support people to improve their relationship with technology. overcome ‘addictions’ to online activities and problematic uses of devices, apps and videogames.

This includes:

  • Individual counselling
  • Family therapy
  • Parent coaching and capacity building

I am a Trusted eSafety

The Trusted eSafety Provider Program is designed to give schools confidence that the external online safety provider they engage meets eSafety’s online safety education standards.

Trusted eSafety Providers are endorsed by eSafety only after demonstrating their capability, experience and evidence-based online safety content. They are also required to comply with relevant safeguards for working with children.