Ditch digital detoxes,
learn to uplug without
feeling disconnected

Keynotes and presentations

Dynamic presentations that resonate with wide audiences, tailored to meet your learning needs and address the rapidly shifting technology landscape.

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Courses and workshops

Live and on-demand courses for individuals, parents and educators to tackle difficult conversations, build healthy tech habits and thrive in a digitally-connected world. 

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Coaching and consultations

Get high level-help to uplevel your digital wellbeing skills, tackle problematic device use or develop innovative policies around tech-use in your organisation.

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For individuals, families and educators to build savvier technology habits.

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Forget digital detoxes and advice to just ‘switch off’ – if switching off was simple, wouldn’t we have done it already?

Digital Nutrition™ is all about using devices in an intentional and intelligent way that supports your wellbeing.

Digital Nutrition™ delivers a range of (research-backed) online courses and workshops for schools, organisations, individuals and families.

It’s about empowering the next generation of tech users with the skills to become savvy digital citizens, and getting the adults upskilled and updated to support cybersafety and digital wellbeing.

Stop the mindless scrolling
and conflict over screentime-
learn how to align device use
with your values.

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What even is Digital Nutrition?
Discover the philosophy.

Innovative, practical insights on how to live, love and learn in a digital world