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Who’s in your corner? I often get asked about the different support crew and various cheerleaders and professionals that I work with or refer to.

There’s quite a collection of folks who support me in mind, body and spirit as well as on the business side of things. All are people I’d have a cocktail with, if it was appropriate (and where geography permitted)!

I also have a strong referral network of people in all corners of modalities and skill sets that I regularly entrust clients and friends to.

Here’s the main collection sorted across, body & spirit, mind & psychology, business support & operations.


+ Roz Hawkins – Kinesiologist – The Thriving Room, Bronte

Roz practices a ‘neurological organisation technique’ (which is exactly what my brain needs on occasion!) amongst other modalities and styles of kinesiology.

+ Helen Efstathiou– Acupuncture & kinesiology – Elements of Life

Helen does a range of therapies, but I love the combo of acupuncture + kinesiology.

+ Loreto Whitney – Kinesiologist – Loreto’s Health Centre, Lochinvar

Loreto is the most loving and kind soul, who has 30 years of experience with kinesiology and healing modalities. I have had some of the most memorable and powerful sessions with Loreto.

+ Emma Wong – Peri+postnatal Acupuncturist –

Emma supported me around the lead up to my due date and to help avoid post-natal depletion. She does a range of TCM and acupuncture around fertility, conception and general health.

+ Sophie Gleitzman – Naturopath –

Sophie trained with Lara Briden and has expertise around women’s hormone health. I use her to keep an eye on my peri-menopause symptoms and overall health & energy. She’s got the most kind and gentle vibe, with an eye for detail in your blood work!

+ Dr Kylie Wilson – Chiropractor & kinesiology – Naturally Balanced Chiropractic, Five Dock

I’ve worked with Kylie for over 13 years, she is a wealth of wisdom on all sorts of issues relating to the central nervous system and its periphery.

+ Dr Kuan Ng – Osteopath – Ryde Natural Health Clinic

I have started to see Kuan in recent months for thoracic pain and sorting out what years of sitting (with clients and looking at screens) has done to my muscular-skeletal system. Kuan has a very gentle practice, and uses a practice called Ru Yi Bagua alongside with western osteopathy.

+ Leonard Newton – hair magician – Desmond and Molly Jones Hairdressing

I only get my hair cut maybe twice a year and Leonard has been my hair bae for 12 years. He’s had a fancy career internationally and consults on the creation of some of your fave hair products.


+ Kate McCready – holistic certified coach & Vedic meditation teacher – Leading Beings

I met Kate at the glorious Purpose Conference in 2016. She is a Vedic meditation teacher as well as a heart-centred coach who works with humans looking to level-up and lead. She’s got a great community and network too, super approachable and relatable.

+ Dr Polly McGee – trauma informed counsellor, breathwork + leadership –

Polly is the epitome of a curious human.  They have a range of skills and certifications, including being a certified Dare To Lead trainer, breathwork guide, therapist and yogi. Polly is based in Tasmania (but they travel throughout Australasia for workshops and teaching).

+ Jessica Carroll-Smith – Creative people project manager –

I met Jess on my first day of uni in 1996, and she’s got incredible skills in helping creative humans get clear on priorities, wrangle all those bright shiny objects that fly out of our brains, plan and stay on track.  She is a lso a gun with a miro board.

+ Craig Tunnell – psychotherapist & Hoffman Process facilitator –

Craig was my facilitator for the Hoffman Process and has been involved with teaching it for 30 years.  He runs a course called Love Code and sees clients in the Eastern suburbs and Northern Beaches.


+ Rhonda Ltaif – Ed/Dev psychologist – The Primary Care Children’s Practice, Burwood

I was delighted when Rhonda moved in downstairs from my office, she works with young people of all ages.

+ Kate Plumb – Psychologist – Kid Psychology, Campbelltown

Kate is a highly experienced psychologist who is my go-to for psychometric/cognitive and developmental assessment, including ASD (via ADOS + MIGDAS). She assesses adults too.

+ Liz Neal – psychologist + certified Gottman therapist –

I send many couples in need of support to see Liz, who is based in Gladesville. She is not only one of few Australian fully certified Gottman therapists, she is also a master trainer of the Gottman therapy method.

+ Alicia Mehta & Grace Riotto – clinical psychologists – Room To Talk, Burwood

Alicia and Grace practice from my rooms in Burwood and via telehealth.  They are both clinically endorsed and see adults. Alicia has an interest in perinatal mental health and Grace works with personality disorders.


+ Abi De Vries – graphic designer – BrandKindly

Abi designed my original Digital Nutrition logo and specialises in health and wellbeing brands. She is also a nutrition coach.

+ Amanda McPherson – graphic designer –

Amanda designed my logo house in 2020, she has an excellent eye for trends.

+ Gillian Moran – graphic designer – Gil Moran Design

Gil gave my brand house and website an up glow in 2021. She’s a delight to work with and carefully researches the niche she is deigning for.

+ David Murphy – web developer – WP Focus

David is a website ninja, he works rapidly and is always troubleshooting before the trouble finds your site. Sometimes I think he replies to my emails before I even send them.

+ Emily Jenkins – mortgage broker – Tailor Made Financial Solutions

Emily has a bucketload of experience and qualifications to help you find the a mortgage for your needs.  She’s easy to talk to and turns the jargon and rules around finance into easy to understand actions.

+ Sarah Pilling – chartered accountant – Bramble & Briar

Sarah is a gun with both numbers and words.  She helped me move to a Pty company, do tax planning and provides pep talks on what my time and expertise is worth!

+ Nell Casey – SEO & copywriting – Fete Creative

Nell has helped my audit my SEO, improve my SEO strategy and up-date my website copy to sing songs to the SEO goddesses.

+ Erin Huckle – copy, comms and PR – Chuckle Communications

Erin has helped me expand my reach with press releases and media opportunities.  She can help you write killer award entries and get you in front of new audiences.

+ Kristy Smith – remote assistants – Virtual Elves

I have VA support from the Philippines via Kristy’s ‘elves’ who support me with Kajabi admin, my eNewsletter and other digital /online business support

+ Kajabi – all in one digital course platform – Kajabi

I moved to Kajabi when my Mailchimp account was starting to cost a bomb. I love that its does almost everything you need in one place. I get a teeny kickback if you signed up using this link.

+ Crowdfire – social media scheduling tool – Crowdfire

I moved off Later when it suddenly got ridic exxy to use to schedule social media.  CrowdFire is $7.50US a month for what I need.  It allows my VA to draft posts, so I can tweak and approve them before scheduling them.  Again, I get a small commish if you signed up with this link.


I dont get any kick-backs or commission from including the people in the listing above (except where stated), but do tell them ‘Jocelyn sent me’! Do your own due diligence when engaging with/in any of the practitioners or businesses listed to ensure they meet your needs.

Accurate and up to date, as at August 2023