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Jocelyn is a sought-after speaker, educator and media commentator on issues relating to cyberpsychology, digital wellbeing and mental health.

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The presentations surpassed my expectations and I liked how Jocelyn linked and understanding of the brain, an individualised, more complex overview of how young people use technology and ideas for how young people can make good decisions about their technology use and parents can also support and model these.

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My background in performing arts and wide-ranging life and work experience provides a strong basis for me to contribute with depth and confidence to a range of discussions.

I have a warm, engaging presentation style and the ability to translate scientific research into practical perspectives. Authenticity is one of my highest values.




Over the last ten years I have regularly presented at schools, conferences, corporate professional development and to mental health and wellbeing events, summits and seminars.

My speaking highlights include the 2019 and 2022 EduTechAU conference, Australia’s largest educational conference, and the renowned Happiness and Its Causes conference where 3000 people were in the audience (I also MC’ed this event in 2022 and 2023).

As well as various TV appearances, I have been selected twice for the esteemed Q&A panel on ABC TV (in June 2019 and October 2020) – it was terrifying and exhilarating both times.

My communication skills are enlisted by brands for expert commentary and media spokesperson roles. I have represented Old El Paso, HCF, SocietyOne, McAfee, Lenovo, and Microsoft.

Key Talking Points

Ditch your Digital Detox! Foster your wellbeing with Digital Nutrition™ instead.

Just like fad and yoyo-dieting doesn’t work for sustainable change – neither does digital detoxing. But that doesn’t mean we would all benefit from more time unplugged. Learn to basic principles of Digital Nutrition to ignite better wellbeing in a technology-colonised era.

Too Much information: cognitive overload and its impact on mental health

Your (ancient) brain wasn’t designed to consume this much data daily! Learn to manage the digital deluge of (mis/dis) information and live more aligned to your neurobiology.


Slack off: managing digital distractions in the workplace.

Humans are designed to be distracted, but we did not evolve in an environment so saturated with images, information and ideas. Learn to hack back your attention, consume information more consciously and rebuild your ability to focus.

Forget screen-time, meet goggle-time: what you need to know about digital cultures

Technology and digital cultures are evolving at lightning speed. AR/XR/VR and AI are no longer just emerging but are here. Get up to the moment insights on key trends that impact digital wellbeing.

Reboot: Reclaiming control of your family’s technology use

One of the biggest issues and sources of conflict in modern parenting is screen time and device use. Get clarity on practical evidence-based approaches to managing media-use and the Digital Nutrition philosophy for being well AND connected.

Little ones, logging on: managing devices in the early years

Infants and toddlers see caregivers using screens and are naturally attracted to devices. This session helps guide parents and early childhood educators to understand best practice around the intentional use of devices in the early years.

Bespoke topic or angle

Let’s design the perfect presentation for your audience’s needs. From mental health, cyberpsychology, neurodiversity, hybrid work and modern lifestyle issues – I can design and engaging evidence based yet practical session.