An authentic,
insightful voice
on psychology in
a digital era

An authentic,
insightful voice
on psychology in
a digital era

Meet Jocelyn
I’m all about mind care for human-kind.

Hello. I’m glad you found me.

I’m a psychologist, teacher and human, who helps individuals and organisations be well connected and mentally fit.

Have a wander around to learn more about my skills and expertise, and discover ways we can work together.

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Psychology services for high schoolers to baby boomers.

If you’d like to work with an experienced, approachable psychologist to make positive lasting change, talk to Jocelyn.

I have been working with adolescents, families and adults for a decade.

I understand the complexity of busy modern life, the daily hustle and the irony of trying to live your #bestlife.

Digital Nutrition™
Be well connected! Optimise your digital wellbeing.

Digital Nutrition™ is a guilt-free philosophy that guides you towards healthful technology habits and improving your digital literacy and wellbeing.

Rather than digital detoxing and unplugging, Digital Nutrition™ is about intentional and intelligent use of devices and the conscious consumption of news, media and information.

I offer presentations, consultations and interventions to that span a range of cyberpsychology and digital wellbeing issues.

Blogs, pods and media stuff. Explore my insights.

I have a wealth of experience across all forms of media – from live radio and television, to podcasts and media commentary for print and online articles.

Practical tools to stay human in a digital world.

I love to curate and share ideas and resources that resonate and challenge my thinking.

Enjoy my collection of original writing, read blogs, get tip-sheets, listen to podcasts, digest the latest research, find trusted affiliates and download activities.

Jocelyn celebrates diversity of the human experience in all its forms and strives to provide care that is affirming of all gender identities, sexual orientations, neuro-divergence, faiths and ethnicities.

Humbly living and working on traditional lands of the Eora Nation in Sydney. Jocelyn is committed to providing services that are culturally aware, safe & welcoming for all First Nations people and their families.