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Don’t make resolutions. Make magic.

Jan 11, 2015

By now the only resolution you have left standing is to stop reading blogs about making resolutions. 

What we know is that January 1 is an arbitrary date and any day of the week or year is as good as any to commit to making positive change. You’re as likely to reach an objective you set for yourself on a Tuesday in the depths of winter or a new moon in Aries, as you are on January 1st.

This is because you’re more likely to be making them for reasons that actually stick than because it’s what the herd is doing and it makes for good posting on social media and conversations with friends at <insert name of beach> in those final few days of the summer/Xmas/NY break.

We need support in making changes to the ‘big stuff’ that holds us back/down – if it was easy to change, we’d just do it. And Nike would be out of business.

So, make the first step of resolution making to get support, use tools to assist you make magic in your life.

If you were going to cook a fancy complicated recipe for the first time, you’d get prepared, you’d check you had the tools and ingredients to make it work. You wouldn’t just start chopping things up without considering how to get to the finished product.  As with cooking up a delicious life you have to get skilled up on how to cook (and hopefully you have decided on what to actually make!).

Here are 5 (free!) tools for making positive change magic:

  1. Learn the ingredients required to make changes that are more likely to be successful (For eg: getting to the crystal clear on how important the goal really is and how confident you are of making a change).
  2. Learn how to set CLEAR and SMART goals.
  3. Learn how to tune into and create Core Desired Feelings to anchor your emotional compass towards the <insert inspirational adjective> life you really want (if you gave up all the limiting beliefs you have). Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map is a tool that all ‘life chefs’ should have in their kitchen.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. Plot, plan, prepare. Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead is a brilliant structure for guiding you through a review and reflection on the past and posing questions and delving deeper into what you want. What you really, really want. There is some quite excellent life architecture in these pages!
  5. Learn to be accountable. Try out the Colipera method by Bassam Tarazi (he’s a rad Brooklynite whose work is spot on). It’s a 4 week methodology for doing, actioning the game plan, with people who’ve got your back.

In high school I really resisted setting goals or considering my future. It was too overwhelming and I couldn’t see through the fog. If this time of year and all the super-intentional-green-smoothie-bendy-yoga-posing-hashtag-grateful people on Instagram are people you want to throttle, try some of the tools above to make magic instead of resolutions!

Got a tool that you think could help people get clear on their purpose and priorities, tell me about it.

Image: Made by me at Gordon’s Bay on NYD on the Typic app for IOS

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