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Next time your kid pesters you for the coolest new app or game, and you’re not sure what to do, try this:

  1. Download the due diligence worksheet below
  2. Get them to complete a report to answer a range of questions (up to you how many and what format)
  3. Have a conversation about what they find out, listen to their findings, allow them to explain what they find, ask some questions
  4. Come to a conclusion or agreement about what to do next.


‘Due diligence’ is a process of investigation and review that helps you gather relevant information when entering in to a decision or agreement.

The idea of this is to help young people not only take responsibility for what apps and games they download and interact with but also consider the bigger digital literacy and online privacy issues that come up regularly for us as parents!

The idea came from this fab tweet from Natasha Vianna in 2018


If your family uses this and come up with some fabulous reports, please share them with me!