Zoom-ed Out? Why videoconferencing is exhausting!

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Zoomed out

Zoom experienced a 535% increase in use in March.  And while videoconferencing has been not without its problems (hello, Australia’s bandwith issues), its also been used in lots of fun and creative ways (but your silly background is no longer funny). 

Have you noticed that being online for both work and then socialising is making your t.i.r.e.d?


Videoconferencing requires us to keep track of much more sensory information than F2F.  We have to work harder to monitor visual cues to understand the conversation and communication, and this creates a drain on our mental energy.  

Some tips I outline in this video below include:

  • Use presenter view and not the Brady Bunch kind
  • Clarify the purpose of the meeting and stick to a clear agenda – perhaps the meeting could be another form of communication?
  • Keep meetings to schedule and make time to unwind between them

You can listen to me share more on the topic on Triple J’s Hack program here (from about the 19 minute mark).