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Screensavers: Reminders To Be Mindful With Your Smartphone

Oct 28, 2015


Do you find yourself mindlessly grabbing for your phone? Are you seeking something, unsure of what? Do you scroll through your social media feeds without really paying attention? Are you yearning for something a bit more deep and meaningful but cant find it?

Try these screensavers.  When you go to your phone these might help you check in with yourself and be more present to your actions and intentions. Tune in to how you’re feeling, and be present to that, get comfortable being alone with yourself and not distracting yourself from the nuances of your internal world with external fluff and white noise.

Do You Really Need To Check

It’s OK. You’re Not Really Missing Out

There’s Nothing To See Here

What Is It That You’re Looking For?

What is it-screensavers






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