The Three M’s of Digital Nutrition 

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Want to have a healthier, more considered relationship with technology?
Keep these three principles in mind and apply them to your online activities, ask yourself these questions.

​// MINDFUL //

Mindful in that you are present to your actions, you have moment- to-moment awareness of, and responsibility over your activities online and how these impact not just other aspects of your life but other people too.
Being mindful means you’d benefit from pausing, and thinking more broadly about how what you do, say, click on and scroll through impacts your overall health and wellbeing (one swipe at a time).Questions to ask yourself: How do I feel in my mind and body before I go online?  What am I truly seeking when I go online?  How does being online change my feelings or physical sensations?  How can I get better at ‘reading’ and ‘listening’ to these cues? How can I remain focused and present while online?
Meaningful in that you have a sense of purpose and clarity in regard to what you’re reading, commenting on or participating in.  That the activities contribute, even in a small way, to your goals and values.
When you have clarity with your values, and live aligned to them you have a greater sense of purpose – which in turn contributes in a more meaningful and effective way to you being the person you want to be (both online and IRL, in real life).Questions to ask yourself: How is what I am viewing/reading relevant to or aligned to my goals?  How does this action/activity contribute in a positive way to my life and overall sense of wellness?// MODERATE //
Moderate in that you’re able to regulate and temper your habits and usage, and avoid negative impacts across other aspects of your life.
Moderation means that you both use technology in moderated amounts of time, but also are able to moderate what you say and how you react to things that show up in your online world. The activities are balanced and like in Goldilocks done in amounts that are ‘just right’!Questions to ask yourself: How can I tell if I am over-reacting to a situation online?  What would happen if I did not respond to that tweet/comment/post/message? What strategies or digital hacks can I use to mediate my time online and ensure I dont ‘overdose’? How can I remember to pause and think before I post? How do I notice when it’s time to logoff/take a break?

This is a foundation for the Playshop for Millennials – which is a 90 minute event you can invite Jocelyn to present to any audience (but regular internet and social media users will get the most benefit).


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