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Get your kids off the hot chips of video games and explore the richness of the vast gaming world with the Taming Gaming database!

I’m going to cut to the chase – every parent of tweens and teens needs to bookmark and regularly explore the TAMING GAMING DATABASE as part of their family technology agreements!

For years I have talked about the power of games as digital superfoods and this is a delightful menu of the best of them.

When we diversify our family’s digital diet and introduce young people to a variety of online activities, we support them to develop a broader ‘taste’ for different games (their game play, values and attitudes, and cognitive skill development) and wean them away from a narrow diet of big-name titles (usually with limited storylines and pervasive design features).

The TAMING GAMING DATABASE is a wonderful resource for families who want to explore the huge selection of games on the market (beyond the blockbusters and delve into the indie and alternative options) but don’t know where to start.

Andy Robertson (aka Geek Dad Gamer) has curated this database which goes beyond any of the attempts I have previously seen around apps and games (even Common Sense Media’s enormous collection or the serious game options on Games For Change), and avoids a ‘chocolate-covered broccoli’ approach to ‘healthy gaming’ – which many kids can sniff out.

Importantly users can dig deeply into the content and accessibility options using a variety of filters to help you find the goldilocks, ‘just right’ game for your kiddo to play next (when the shine has gone off Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft).

You can also browse lists of games that have been curated by Andy and his collaborators to discover games which suit your family’s vibe and values, your child’s developmental needs and temperament, and to find games you can play as a family.

Engaging parents to bring curiosity to the question of why kids are so darned enamored with games is a big focus of my work.  Getting parents to dip their toes in the digital world unlocks a whole new world of connection in many families – this resource will help parents discover games that are ‘not just shooting things’ and don’t require hours of skill-building or grinding to enjoy the benefits!

The Taming Gaming Database is going to be a key resource I share in my presentations in 2021 (and even set as ‘homeplay’ for parents!).  I am so glad it exists, and carefully and independently explores the complex issue of young people and online games.

There is also the Taming Gaming book with forward by the esteemed LSE Professor Sonia Livingstone, OBE, which you can get a copy of in your fave format here.


Have you explored the database?  What have you discovered? Share it in the comments below.