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Big Kids: The War On Screens

Mammia: This glorious mess

“My friends keep telling me how addictive gaming is for teens and that I should get them off the games now! …. Should I? And if I should, how the hell would I?” During the week, we received this listener dilemma and so for today’s episode, we took it to an expert, Jocelyn Brewer, Mother, teacher, writer and psychologist with a specialisation in cyberpsychology.

Tales of the Fourth Trimester

Tales of the Fourth Trimester

I share my perinatal experience with Naomi Christoulakis from Cocoon by Naomi. We cover how the gym creche helped protect me from post-natal depression. We dive deep into the guilt-inducing topic of kids and devices… and why perhaps the answer isn’t banning screens or doing some kind of digital detox, but a more moderate approach that allows for mindful scrolling.