I've kept a journal since 1988.  As a 10 year old I was gifted my first diary and I had a love of writing, not just creating stories and recounting events -- but physical handwriting.  I'd practice 'running writing' for hours, my signature over and over, bubble writing by tracing from a book that I got through Scholastica's Lucky Book Club.

At almost 38, I am onto my 25th journal.  The process for me has changed many times, but has settled over the last 5 or 6 to be a simple page to a day A4 diary that I attempt to recount, muse, reflect, whinge out the whirling stuff that sits between my synapses.

Last year I did Susannah Conway's very wonderful Journal Your Life e-course, which gave me a new way to emancipate deeper contemplations.

I'm fascinated by the way journalling and (generally secretly, but mostly privately)  'keeping a diary' is a central thing for many people (at least for a stage of their lives). Interesting too is the way this has changed with the rise of blogging and an 'audience' but which to shape the presentation of ideas.  The joy for me of writing a journal is how messy, unstructured, incoherent and fragmented it can be, because the only person judging it is me (though my internal critic can be harsh)

I recently read Brigid Delaney piece on binge-reading her journals and tweeted her to ask her to promise not to burn them.  I have an idea for a Diary Library (one of several projects I have brewing) which would be a searchable database of journals and diaries to compare experiences and themes etc.


Wanderlust's newsletter this morning prompted this quick piece (possibly too my resistance to going to work for the first time in 40 days!).  They've just published several pieces on journalling and it's benefits, including how putting in aspects of your weekly horoscope can help with noticing things (I do a version of this on the new and full moon and use Yasmin Boland's Weekly Moonology column for pointers).

Do you journal?  Tell me more about how, why, what you notice, how  it's changed etc.

Happy journalling.