2016 starts for me today.

January is a time of rejuvenation, reflection and percolation.  I am generally on school holidays and I make every effort to unravel, relax (I seriously forgot how to do this in 2015) and visualise the year ahead -- tweaking my life design to get more aligned to my goals and values.


February is when the school year gets back in full swing, the days of living in my cossies and regular ocean swims end, the year seriously kicks off  and the rubber hits the road. It's time to test and live out a new experiment. I both welcome and shirk the sense of a routine and 'daily grind'.

Here are my intentions for 2016:

  1. Be less self-critical. I am quite harsh on myself. I’m going to turn the self-compassion up a notch with more regular reflection and meditation.
  2. Recognise my own value and contribution. I do lots of stuff pro-bono, I go beyond expectations, I share and contribute to many networks and people freely and openly. I cant keep doing this purely ‘for the love’. I need to ensure my expertise is valued.
  3. Have more focus and remain aligned to my priorities and values. So often I feel distracted and attracted to pretty shiny ideas and waste time going down ‘thought rabbit holes’. Sometimes this is positive procrastination but often it's pure avoidance. I've gotta stop doing all the fluffy/easy stuff and start with the high value activities instead (ie: the hard bits, but ones that pay royally)
  4. Put my seatbelt on before I drive off (instead of as I do so/after, terrible habit!).

Here's what I'm doing in February to keep forwarding the process and to clear out some weeds in I dont need clogging up aspects my life:

  • Booze free in Feb.  While I'm not signing up officially for FebFast, and while I dont actually drink much - I need a break from alcohol and the very easy habit of pouring a cheeky G&T a few evenings too many.  My body is telling me this is what I need.
  • Less scrolling - Facebook free in Feb. FB has been in my life for over 9 years, and in the palm of my hand for about 6.  I havent taken a good chunk of time off my news feed in ages, and again -- my mind is telling me it needs a break.  I'll still post on my Digital Nutrition and JB - Psychologist page though.
  • Submitting my Masters project ethics proposal. I've been doing some serious perfectionism silliness with this for at least 4 months.  Time to bite the bullet, stop the ducking/weaving and focus on the thing that actually makes me both the most excited and scared simultaneously. This ties into number 3 above. Time to really just effing do it! Swoosh!