Engaging (Tech-obsessed) Adolescents: Feb 2021

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Because teenagers don’t come with an operating manual and the digital playground is complex.

The Engaging Adolescents program (as created by Australian psychologist and author of the out-of-print book by the same name, Michael Hawton) runs over 3 sessions with an additional session dedicated to managing technology and screen-based media use issues.

I have been a big fan of this course since I trained in it with him in 2014.  It’s a no-nonsense framework that is both well-researched and easy to apply.

Parents will gain a renewed sense of confidence about the role they can play in their teenagers’ lives, without conversations morphing into arguments.

+ DATES: 4 x 90-minute Zoom sessions held on Mondays on Feb 8, 15, 22 and March 1, 2021 at 7pm. Each session builds upon the previous.

+ LOGISTICS: When you buy a ticket you will receive an email with a Zoom link inviting you to the event. If you can’t attend the live event – you will receive a recording of the webinar to catch up on.

You will receive IN THE POST the 50-page workbook for the ‘Engaging Adolescents’ course plus resources on Digital Nutrition.

+ PRESENTER: Psychologist, teacher and parent, Jocelyn Brewer.

+ FEE: $59 (early bird) and then $79 full price.


  • Some common ground shared by parents & reasonable expectations to hold about adolescents
  • New understandings of adolescence, teen brain development and the role of technology in their lives
  • A three-option model & flow chart for decision-making and communication around key issues and values
  • Building a relationship with your teenager and making the best of your non-crisis conversations with them
  • Skills for tough conversations, setting guidelines for handling those problems you just can’t ignore
  • The principles of Digital Nutrition and how to apply these to create a family technology agreement (week 4).

🟢 FULL DETAILS AND BOOK TICKETS ➡️ HERE ⬅️ and please share it with your network of parents and local schools so that we can have a wave of parents across Australia learning new ways to build positive relationships with young people (grounded in trust, not fear).




↪️ SHARE AND WIN! I am giving away up to 20 tickets to the course.

All you need to do is share this page or the Humantix event link on your school/organisation’s social media page(s), newsletter or other marketing spaces and provide a link/screenshot to go in the draw to win a ticket (which you can then giveaway to your community).

Entries close on Monday, Feb 1 at midnight AEST. Open to all Australian organisations and schools. Winners will be drawn at random. Not open to individuals/personal shares (you need to share from a FB Page, Twitter account or IG business/creator account etc) and provide evidence of that share/inclusion. Winners advised on Feb 2nd at midday.

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